Jacuzzi SPA, Whirlpool and Jacuzzi - all means the same i.e., Hydrotherapy Massage in the warm water using specially designed jets through which water is injected along with tiny air bubbles to give tremendous pleasure removing tensions from mind and muscles. You feel relaxed and massaging effect of water freshen you up after tiring daily routines. Steam Bath Create a cozy refuge where both body and soul can reveal in the beneficial pleasures of steam bathing. You can feel the gentle warmth of the steam-laden air working its way into your pores, stimulating blood circulation and relaxing tense muscles. Unwind, wrapped in clouds of soothing steam, and enjoy the best bathing sensation you have ever experienced. The steam bath helps to improves blood circulation, carry more oxygen to the blood cells, strengthens immune system, relaxes muscles, gives a positive effects on the joints, kills virus & bacteria, cleans the pores etc… Sauna For Centuries, Scandinavian has understood the benefits of cleansing Sauna bathing. The superb relaxing health giving properties are now even more appreciated with today’s modern hectic lifestyle. Relax & enjoy deep penetrating heat, soothing the joints and tired muscles in the finest quality Sauna. The sauna bath helps to improve blood circulation, carry more oxygen to the blood cells, strengthen immune system, relax muscles, give a positive effect on the joints, kill virus & bacteria & clean the pores.